Small Farms Collective French Press: Product Review

I purchased the French Press from Small Farms Collective recently from Amazon. Whether you drink tea or coffee or both you should definitely get one of these. For coffee at home, I usually make espresso or pour-over, but I have never had a good French Press so I have enjoyed experiencing a different kind of coffee brewing at home.

Besides brewing hot coffee, I have made tea in it (Pu-erh Yunnan and Gunpowder Green Tea from Louisville Tea Co.). Since this one is clear glass (some French Presses are metal) you can see the color of whatever you are brewing. Not so important for coffee, but I think it is very important for tea; I usually pour my tea into my cast iron teapot after it’s done brewing but I never brew tea any more in anything that isn’t clear.

I have also used it once so far for cold brew coffee. I coarse-ground about 100 grams of fresh coffee beans (AmazonFresh Just Bright Whole Bean Coffee, Light Roast), put them in the French Press, then filled it nearly to the top with water and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight. Then just used the built-in strainer to filter out the coffee and pour into a separate container, this was much easier than filtering the cold brew through a paper pour-over filter as I’ve always done before.

The below picture is the Small Farms Collective French Press with Higher Grounds’ Justice blend coffee and one of my Tealyra La Lune 10oz glasses.

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