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Last updated: Saturday, August 25, 2018


08/24/16 on ClipAdvise Cookbooks, 12 Lessons On Sushi: Become an Expert on Ordering, Eating, and Making the Best Sushi

12/13/13 on Honey Lemon Tea, Book Review: 19 Lessons on Tea: Become an Expert on Buying, Brewing and Drinking the Best Tea

10/22/13 on Friendship Tea, 19 Lessons On Tea – Book

07/01/13 on Infused Musings, Book Review – 19 Lessons on Tea – Kindle Edition

05/07/13 on The Everyday Tea Blog, A Review of 19 Lessons On Tea

04/14/13 on Premeditated Leftovers, 19 Lessons on Tea – Free on Kindle

04/14/13 on How To Have It All, Free Kindle Book: 19 Lessons on Tea

04/12/13 on The Tea House Times, 19 Lessons on Tea – FREE Kindle version – April 13-18 on Amazon

03/27/13 on Steven M. Moore, An interview/review for 7 Lessons on Irish Whiskey…

03/22/13 on Boston BarHopper, The BBH Book Club (Irish Whiskey Review)

03/14/13 on Whisky Girl, 40-Minute Irish Whiskey Guide

03/12/13 on Drink Hacker, Book Review: The 40 Minute Irish Whiskey Guide

02/16/13 on Tea For Today, Have A Book With Your Tea

01/29/13 on My Japanese Green Tea, 19 Lessons On Tea (Book Review)

01/25/13 on Tea for Me Please, 19 Lessons On Tea by 27Press

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