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Free Irish Whiskey and Sushi Audiobook Codes

Both 7 Lessons on Irish Whiskey and 12 Lessons On Sushi are now available in audiobook format for the first time, and Audible has provided me with codes that will allow people who have already purchased audiobooks in the past to download either book for free.

If you’d like a code for one or both of these books just email or text me or comment on this post.

You can also purchase them and start listening instantly…

$2.76 ($3.95) – 7 Lessons On Irish Whiskey

$4.86 ($6.95) – 12 Lessons On Sushi

If you’ve never purchased an audiobook from Audible, new members always get their first 2 books free, just click here to get your trial membership. I’ve been an Audible member for almost 11 years and have listened to almost 300 audiobooks in that time, it is a great way to catch up on all the books you might not otherwise have time to sit down and read.