7 Lessons On Irish Whiskey: An Introduction to Drinking and Enjoying the Whiskeys of Ireland

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Formerly titled “40-Minute Irish Whiskey Guide.”

This book will teach you all you ever wanted to know about Irish Whiskey and more in less than an hour! Irish Whiskey has a rich and storied history that’s almost as fun to read about as the spirit is to drink.

If you’re new to Irish Whiskey, we guarantee you’ll walk away from our lessons feeling confident enough to talk shop with the most experienced bartenders and Irish Whiskey fans. You will gain immediate fundamental knowledge of how Irish Whiskey is made at the top Irish distilleries like New Midleton, Old Bushmills, Kilbeggan, and Cooley. If you’re already familiar with Irish Whiskey, you will assuredly still learn along the way.

7 Lessons On Irish Whiskey is a comprehensive guide that will help you gain a thorough understanding of the drink. This book primarily covers Irish Whiskey production and the major distilleries, but you’ll also learn about Irish Whiskey cocktails, Irish Whiskey history, and more!

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